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Fixed method of Heat exchanger gasket

In principle, the heat exchanger gasket fixed into two kinds of fixed fixed and non-adhesive fixed. The shape of the gasket should be consistent with the shape of the plate heat exchanger seal. It must be noted that the adhesive type of fixing method does not have any effect on the sealing function. The same time as
(1) Non-adhesive seal alignment: Place the seal in place: Insert the seal into the seal groove correctly: In the seal groove, there is a trough structure with a gradually reduced cross-section so that the seal Correct positioning.
(2) Adhesive seal: According to the purpose of sealing gasket and sealing quality requirements, you can use different manufacturers of reconcile sealant and non-harmonic sealant. Prior to bonding, the vapor stream should be used to completely remove the adhesive remaining on the adhesive surface and the remaining gasket. For the blending sealant bonding, it is necessary to use the residual adhesive and residual gasket on the surface of the plate heat exchanger. When mixing in large quantities, prepare a liquid nitrogen tank with a frozen gasket and prepare a heating furnace for drying the plate heat exchanger with a gasket. The heating temperature should be 160 ° C. If conditions are met , Should be chemical cleaning of the plate heat exchanger to ensure that the residual residue in the plate heat exchanger bonding surface of the adhesive gasket.

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